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Left-Handed Golfer Slice (How To Fix, With 7 Tips)

left handed girl golfer

  Most golfers will agree that the slice is the most annoying miss in golf. When you slice the golf ball, you lose yardage, and you watch your par turn into a bogey or worse. It’s a horrible shot to watch, but luckily, there are lots of fixes out there to help you get the…

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How To Make A Golf Cart Ride Smoother (10 Ways)

Smiling female golf players riding golf cart at golf course

  Quite a few different things can cause a golf cart ride to be bumpy or rough. If you want to get a better ride from your cart, there are a few things you should look for and attend to so you can start enjoying the ride a bit more. Here are a few of…

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How Far Should You Hit A 6 Iron? (Everything To Know)

golf shot

  Knowing how far you hit every club in your bag is an essential part of golf course management. Once you know your yardages, it makes sense to see how they compare to average. If your yardages are below average, maybe there are some things you can do to increase them. If they are above…

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