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Top 5 Best Golf Handicap Apps (Updated 2021)

woman is using a smart phone and smiling while driving a golf cart

  Keeping track of your golf handicap is essential. If you like to play in golf tournaments or even have competitive matches with a friend, you will need to know what your golf handicap is. Golf handicaps change often. The fact is that each time you head out to the golf course and play around,…

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What Is An Overrun Golf Ball? (Everything To Know)

Basket of Driving Range Golf Balls

  Golf balls are some of the most expensive equipment for golfers. The reason golf balls are so expensive is that golfers go through them at such a fast rate. During the course of a round, you may lose four or five golf balls. At the end of the day, the pricing on these adds…

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Top 10 Best Golf Grips (Updated 2021)

Colorful golf grips point to the golf hole with ball

  Golf grips are the only connection that players have with the club. If you don’t have a golf grip that you love, your hands may slip or move on the club and cause you to hit some very poor shots. This is why it is so essential to ensure that the golf grips you…

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10 Tips For Tall Golfers (Updated 2021)

Handsome young man playing golf

  Tall golfers have a big advantage over short golfers. The way that our bodies are developed along with the way golfers play the game ensures that a taller player can get plenty of distance and power. Shorter players often complain about not being able to get the distance they need out of their golf…

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Top 10 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes (Updated 2021)

Close up of a male golf player with white shoes putting on green

  A golf shoe with no spikes on the bottom is called a spikeless golf shoe. This is not simply any old shoe that has no spikes as it is still specifically designed for golfers and will help ensure proper balance and stability. Players like spikeless golf shoes because they can wear them on and…

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