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Why Do People Like Golf? (10 Reasons)

McIlroy roars against Tiger in China

  If you are a fan of golf, chances are you can find a million reasons to play the game. However, not all people feel this way. Some have no idea why people play the sport, and they actually don’t understand the motivation to start. There are some great reasons people love the game of…

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How Many Golf Balls Come in a Box? (Explained)

Golf balls and golf club on green grass

  Golf balls are a necessary evil. To play the game, we need to buy them, but keeping enough golf balls to enjoy a full round of golf can be really expensive. Many players wonder how many golf balls are in a box and whether or not this is enough to even get through a…

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Do Golf Clubs Need To Match? (Explained)

Golf bag with clubs on green field

  Many golfers start playing the game with a set of mismatched golf clubs. Maybe one person told you they had a few clubs for you, and another gave you a few others. The set may not be the prettiest combination of golf clubs you have ever seen, but you are probably wondering whether or…

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How To Increase Clubhead Speed (10 Ways)

Woman golf player hitting by iron from fairway

  Clubhead speed is the only way to get the distance you want and need in your golf game. When you can increase clubhead speed, the golf balls go further. It is as simple as this. However, increasing clubhead speed is not quite as easy as you might think.   Table Of ContentsHow To Increase…

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Are Hybrid Irons Easier To Hit? (Explained)

Golf clubs and golf balls on a green lawn

  Hybrid irons are still quite popular. More and more golf manufacturers are making their long irons look more like hybrid irons. In addition, golf companies are releasing new sets of hybrid irons that will appeal to anyone who is looking for more forgiveness in their game. The question that many golfers ask before they…

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