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Golf Swing Vs. Baseball Swing (What’s The Difference?)

Golfer shooting a golf ball

  One of the most commonly asked questions about the golf swing is whether or not it is similar to a baseball swing. Many golf professionals will tell you that golf is similar to a lot of sports, but you do need to know how to transition in and out of a golf swing. If…

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What Is a Semi Private Golf Course? (Everything To Know)

semi private course

  There are three basic types of golf course: the private, the semi private, and the public. Although there are some other unique styles mixed in, these are the three that golfers are most familiar with. If you are an avid golfer, you are probably very familiar with the public and private courses. However, it…

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Driver Grip Vs. Iron Grip (What’s The Difference?)

golf grip

  One of the most important fundamentals of the game of golf is the grip. Golfers who are great players have full confidence in the grip that they have with the club. Remember that golf is not really even a sport if we don’t have the connection to the club that we need. Establishing and…

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I Keep Topping My Hybrid (7 Causes, Fixes)

Golfer on a Golf Course

  A hybrid golf club can be one of the most useful pieces of equipment in your golf bag. If you hit the ball into the rough off the tee, the hybrid can easily help you get the ball out and moving towards the hole. In addition, hybrid golf clubs are typically easier to launch…

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Who Makes Knight Golf Clubs? (Everything to Know)

Golf clubs

  When looking at used golf clubs, you will find that there are plenty of brands that you may have never heard of. Many companies have an idea for a new golf product, and they come to market only to realize how competitive and fierce the world of golf is. It is difficult to make…

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