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Golf lessons can be a great way to get better at golf, but unfortunately, they are not for everybody. You may live in a location where golf lessons are hard to come by. Or golf lessons may not fit in your budget. Whatever the reason, do not be discouraged, you can get better at golf…

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What Should You Wear Golfing? (Everything To Know)

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Whether you are new to golf or you have just always been unsure about the proper attire, we are here to help. Choosing what to wear to play golf does not take long to learn. Once you have your few favorite golf outfits lined up, this will be something that you probably never need to…

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Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Beginners (Updated 2020)

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As a beginner, there are so many things about golf that you need to figure out. Between choosing clubs, shoes, clothes, and golf balls, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily we have put together some great golf ball choices for you. There is an option on this list for all price ranges and all…

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