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3 Iron Vs. 3 Wood (Which One Should You Use?)

golf iron and golf ball on green grass

  When it comes to the long irons and woods in the bag, many golfers worry about what they should carry. There are lots of great options out there to choose from, and sometimes it makes sense to have several clubs in the bag, but other times, just a few clubs will do. If you…

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1 Iron Vs. 3 Wood (Which One Should You Use?)

close up golf club and golf ball on green grass

  Golfers only have a limited number of clubs that they can keep in the bag. It’s pretty easy to decide on things like a driver, the iron set, and a putter, but the wedges and the long game require some decisions. These decisions will be based on a golfer’s skill level and the availability…

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2 Hybrid Vs. 3 Wood (Which One Should You Use?)

Golf club in hand

  Golfers choose the clubs they have in their bags based on their ability to play certain types of golf shots. Some players find that they are very strong with their woods, while others are great at hybrids. If you have a shot that you are unsure how to play or are trying to decide…

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6 Iron (Keys, Tips, Benefits)

Golf club and golf ball on tee onto the green grass ready to be shot

  As golfers, the total number of clubs you can have in your bag is 14. Since this is a limited number of golf clubs, it makes sense to be able to hit all of your golf clubs well. The six iron is not always a favorite for golfers. With a six iron, you must…

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4 Hybrid Vs. 7 Wood (Which One Should You Use?)

Teeing the Ball

  As golfers, we only have fourteen slots in our bag. The USGA has determined that this is all that is necessary for a player to be able to get around the golf course in the lowest number of strokes. This can make it difficult to decide which clubs to keep in the bag and…

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