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How Good Is Steph Curry At Golf? (Explained)

Orlando Magic host the Golden State Warriors

  Steph Curry is a basketball player that many consider one of the best of all time. However, in addition to being a really impressive basketball player, Steph Curry is also a golfer. Like many other professional athletes, Curry likes to have some kind of a release from his work, and golf tends to be…

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What Is An Ostrich In Golf? (Explained)

People playing golf

  There are a lot of golf terms that have to do with birds, and ostrich is one of them. If you have been playing golf your entire life, you may have never heard the term ostrich. As rare as it is, an ostrich does exist in the game of golf. For golfers that want…

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Golf Swing Feels Awkward (Reasons, Fixes)

Girl playing golf

  Have you ever felt that your golf swing could change or suddenly feel awkward from one day to the next? If you have, you are not alone. Many golfers feel as though swinging the golf club gets more difficult or awkward each time they head to the course. Other players feel as though they…

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What Does Draw Hole Mean In Golf? (Explained)

golf hole on a field

  Some golfers will stand on a tee box and declare that the hole is a draw hole or even a fade hole. However, if you have not been in the game all that long and you don’t know all of the terminology, this may confuse you. Luckily that is where we come in. We…

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Where Does Power Come From In A Golf Swing? (Explained)

Golfer practicing

  For golfers looking to create more power in their golf swing, it is important to know where power comes from. Power is not the same for all players, but power is not generated from just one thing. If you are looking to make sure you are not losing power and you want to address…

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