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Golf Shaft Too Stiff Symptoms (With Fixes, Solutions)

man swing and hitting golf ball

  Finding the right golf clubs for your game can be quite difficult. When you have to match the clubhead with a shaft that is high performing and the right fit for you, it becomes even more difficult. A very common mistake which golfers make is that they are playing with a club that is…

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How To Cut A Graphite Golf Shaft (Step-By-Step)

Colorful graphite golf shaft

  With golf clubs as expensive as they are, many players are trying to learn how to work on their golf clubs by themselves. Having the ability to tinker with equipment and turn it into something new and more useful is undoubtedly a benefit. The more you can learn about how to adjust your own…

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How To Regrip Golf Clubs Without Tape (Step-By-Step)

  When regripping golf clubs, the main ingredients usually needed are grip tape, solvent, and a vise. If, for some reason, you don’t have tape or you don’t want to use tape, there are still some ways you can get the grip to stay on your clubs. For the most part, gripping clubs with tape…

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Do Golf Shafts Go Bad? (Everything To Know)

Woman holding golf club and ball

  A golf shaft is an essential part of the club. The golf shaft will determine how far or how accurately you can hit your golf shots. When you purchase a club, the shaft is one of the most expensive parts of the club. This leaves many golfers with the question of whether or not…

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Strong Golf Grip (Pros, Cons, Benefits, Concerns)

man gripping club

  Our only connection with the golf club comes from the way we grip the golf club. To become a great golfer, you must be very confident in the way you grip the club and the way your hands feel when you are gripping the golf club. There are several ways to position your hands…

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