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How To Engage/Release A Golf Cart Parking Brake (All Brands)

Photo of a golf cart on the beach shot with telephoto lens USA

The parking brake of a golf cart isn’t a part that is always fully understood by the average cart owner. However, it is very important to operating a cart and keeping it safe from damage. Thankfully, engaging and disengaging this part is fairly simple and shouldn’t be too hard for most cart owners to understand….

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Top 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls (Updated 2020 Buying Guide)

Golf ball standing on tee

  Golf is expensive! By the time you add up the greens fees, the clubs, and the golf balls, you need a pretty significant investment just to get started. For some golfers, playing with golf balls that cost $50.00 a dozen just does not make sense. Luckily, there are other options out there. There are…

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How To Protect Golf Shoes (6-Step Protection Guide)

Golf shoes and equipment sitting on grass with a bright blue sky in the background

Golf shoes are an essential part of the golfer’s wardrobe. Not only do they complete the look of a golfer ready to play, but they are also very functional. Golf shoes can help you increase your stability and balance on the golf course and mainly help you to improve your clubhead speed. If you don’t…

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Top 10 Best Golf Gloves For Hot Weather (Updated 2020)

Detail of golf ball and gloves

  The perfect golf glove for hot weather needs to do a great job of keeping your hands on the golf club while still making sure your hand doesn’t get too hot. This is certainly no easy task, but several companies do a great job. We have put together our favorite golf gloves for the…

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