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What Happened To Natalie Gulbis? (Complete Story)

Natalie Gulbis

  If you are a fan of LPGA golf, chances are you know who Natalie Gulbis is. Gulbis was a great player to watch in the early 2000s as she made golf fun and relatable for female golfers of all ages. It took Natalie Gulbis some time on the professional golf tours to win an…

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What Type Of Grooves Are Vokey Wedges? (Everything To Know)

Top view golf club and golf ball on green grass background

  Vokey wedges are the most popular wedges in golf. The current model is the SM8, but golfers will keep Vokey wedges in their bag for many years. One of the things that really makes the Vokey wedges stand out is their impressive grooves. The groove technology from Vokey is superior to that of other…

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How To Get A Junior Golf Sponsorship (Everything To Know)

Junior golf swing

  Playing junior golf can get very expensive. When kids start to get really good at what they are doing, they will have to travel across the country to play in different types of golf events. This, of course, brings about expenses for travel, tournament fees, equipment, and more. Since the USGA has some very…

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Top 10 High Launch Iron Shafts (Updated 2021)

Male golfer with red shirt successfully hitting ball on green

  One of the things that we have learned through the years is that the higher a golf shot goes, the further it typically flies. This has really changed the thoughts of so many players who thought that keeping the ball flight down was their way to get longer shots. Truly, your shots should stay…

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Mid Back Pain From Golf (Prevention, How To Avoid)

mid back pain from golf

  Unfortunately, golfers can be prone to injury. The sport incorporates so many different muscles that it can be hard to escape a golf season without some form of injury. One of the most common areas of pain that you are going to find is the back. Golfers can struggle with upper, mid, and lower…

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