The EZ GO Express 4x4 or The EZ GO 72 Volt


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I am eyeing these two golf carts by EZ GO. I'm a big fan of the brand and always go for them. Anyway, I am looking to get either the new EZ GO Express 4x4 from their Express series on their personal golf carts page. But I am also looking at their EZ GO 72 Volt golf cart from their technology series, also under personal golf carts.

Which do you think is the better option. I'm leaning towards the Express 4x4, but haven't made the decision just yet. What do you think?


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I checked out both models on their site, and I think I like the 4x4 over the 72 volt. Both are good options, but I think the 4x4 would be overall better in all around use.


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Hmm, kind of wish I checked out ezgo for golf carts. I got myself a Yamaha Adventurer Sports 2x2, but now I want one with 4 seats lol.

Anyway, out of these two, I like express one. It looks cooler and looks like it runs a lot better too.


The express 4x4 is my favorite of the two as well. Both would be pretty cool to own though. Why is it just between these two golf carts though? EZGO has a lot of options on their site.

Sam A.

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The EZ GO Express 4x4 is what I would personally pick out of the two. The EZ GO 72 Volt isn't bad by any means, I just think I'd prefer the Express 4x4 over it.


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I prefer the EZ GO 72 Volt myself out of these two. But I would probably go with a different model from their site over these two to be honest. I think these carts are mostly meant for off roading and other similar stuff. I'd prefer something different myself.


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Both are great options for what you want. I like them both. If I had the money I would totally buy both.