Side by side vs golf carts

Sam A.

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I have been looking at side by sides all week, as I'm kind of tempted to get one. I know they're not golf carts, but they're similar.

Who here has a side by side? And if so, how does it ride compared to a golf cart?

Would you ever buy one? I'm fairly tempted, but am not too into the prices.


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Side by sides are cool. They're built more like cars though compared to golf carts and are, I think, street legal. I would like to own one. Got to drive one a couple years back as my brother in law got one brand new. It drove like a beauty.


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They are perfect for off roading and for on the road even. I wouldn't mind owning one myself, but can't feasibly put money into it at the moment. Maybe soon though.


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Test drove a yamaha side by side a couple years ago. Drove like a beauty. Too much money for me to personally buy one, but it's something I would love to own one day. Once my finances are better, I might look into a used one. I have my eyes on a few.


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Side by sides are awesome. They drive like champs in the mud and muck. And they get decent gas mileage imo.


Never owned one, but it's something on my dream list. I never even drove one before, but really want to. One of these days I'll buy myself one, and go do some mudding.


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Side by sides are awesome. I owned a Yamaha 4 seater and loved it. It drove like a champ, especially when we would take the back roads. Fun times!

Sadly I sold it a while back as it wasn't being used and was just collecting dust in my garage.


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I actually plan to purchase one soon. I'm not yet sure on what I want just yet. But it's going to have to be all terrain fir sure.


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I've never driven one before, but hear they drive wonderfully. I mostly want to go off roading in one. Maybe do some mudding.


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I own a side by side with 4 seats. Love the darn thing. It's a 2018 Wolverine X4 SE. Thing drives like a beauty and is fun in the mud.


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Side by sides are more heavy duty of the two. I personally prefer side by sides. You could supe up a golf cart to match a side by side though, or so I imagine.


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Side by sides are great vehicles, especially for off-roading. Drove one a few years back and nearly crashed it while off-roading in the woods near my home. Seriously, they're a lot different from golf carts though.

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