Polaris Golf Cart good for snow?


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Winter is coming! Had to say it lol :D

With the snow coming very soon, especially where I live, I was wondering about the better options for golf carts that run great in snow. Would Polaris golf carts work fine in snow? I imagine other brands would work too, but I heard from a few people that Polaris has been decent when it comes to their all terrain vehicles, and was hoping their golf carts are the same.

Sam A.

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Not sure, but I'm sure you can modify it for that. I know Polaris is known for snow mobiles and all terrain vehicles, so I'm sure they would also have snow tires for golf carts.


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I don't think they make any golf carts for the winter season. Though you could totally modify it for snow. The way it already is may even be fine.


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I don't think just because they make snow mobiles that their golf carts are geared towards snow. I am not sure, but I imagine they are not. If anything modifying it should make it work fine in snow. But as is, not sure.


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Just double check their site to make sure. I'm sure some are made for snow, but I wouldn't really know as I never owned or used a Polaris anything.

But yeah, modify it if it isn't usable in the snow. Make it so. :)


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I think a lot of golf carts would work in snow. Just need to make sure the tires work, as well you have it winterized. Snow wrecks havoc on cars, so it will probably do the same for a golf cart.


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Winterize it. Should just need some better tires and maybe an upgraded motor and or battery.


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If you modify it to work in snow, it should be fine. I don't think they make any just for snow though, you would need to make sure you get the right kind of tires, and make sure it's somewhat lifted. Because if it's low to the ground, the snow/ice, etc will do some damage to the bottom.


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I don't think they're necessarily made snow ready. To my knowledge they are not snow ready. Some might be though.

I did a search just in case and couldn't find a whole lot of info.

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