LED Light Bar for EZGO Golf Cart


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So I started a previous topic about getting a new ezgo golf cart, and I am leaning towards something completely new. Anyway, I am also looking for modifications to add once I do have my new cart. I was wondering about LED Light Bars, and whether or not I should install one on the roof, near my seat or maybe even under the cart. What do you guys suggest? Can you link me to some sites selling them? I will also take suggestions. :)


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I got a LED light kit by LEDGlow a while back, works really nicely and also is fairly cheap. I only spent $85. The price has fluctuated a bit though, and it's currently up to $90, you can find it here: Amazon


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I would get a light bar near the seat, roof and even the bottom to get some underglow. If you're not into doing all that, what MrCash said should work fine.


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The floor and the ceiling is where j would out some led light bars. I personally wouldn't add any underglow though, but that's just me.

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