Club Car Enclosure for golf cart


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Do you guys know of good enclosure that have doors? Something like this:

But preferably not at Walmart. I want to add a cover for my club car, as I am driving to work lately and it's been snowing more. I also want it so I'm a bit more warm during my drives.
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What kind of club car golf cart do you currently have? I like the one that Arty shared, as it looks the most fitting. What is your budget on enclosures?

I found this one, but it doesn't look as appealing as the one Arty shared. :(



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I knew someone who made their own enclosure out of plywood. Thing didn't look so hot, but he had heat installed and also had installed lights inside. I wish I had a picture of it.


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I think it'd be cool to modify your own. I kind of want to build my own enclosure, something probably made of plastic. Not sure I would use wood, but if I knew how to work with metal, I'd make one out of metal.


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I think it would be cool to make your own as well. I was thinking, it would be cool to change it into a car. Make a metal enclosure with a better windshield. Actual doors as well.

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