Club car golf cart suggestions


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Can you guys suggest me some good club car golf carts to look into? I currently have a 2012 Yamaha Drive, but want to get another golf cart and I'm very interested in getting a club car branded gold cart. Any suggestions for a first time club car buyer?


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Get the Villager 2+2 LX LSV club car golf cart. It's one of their newest models and is street legal.


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I did some digging on their site and I like their 4 seater known as XRT1550 SE. A bit pricey at $14,000 or so, but looks nice.


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Don't forget to utilize places like Facebook marketplace, as well as Craigslist, letgo, etc. There are a lot of places you can find used golf carts. If you can afford a new one though, please feel free to ignore me. :D


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Yeah, Facebook and Craigslist are good options. I would also read into the classifieds in your local news paper.

I would also check out dealerships in your area.


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Went on their site and I really like their Club Car 411 LSV, but for $19,000 that's too much for me. Wouldn't mind having it as it would be a great car for the road I think.

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