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    EZGO golf cart good as a daily driver?

    The 72 volt freedom looks like a good street legal golf cart. I'd check that one out.
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    Club car golf cart suggestions

    Went on their site and I really like their Club Car 411 LSV, but for $19,000 that's too much for me. Wouldn't mind having it as it would be a great car for the road I think.
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    Thinking about upgrading to a new EZGO golf cart

    I've been looking at those years actually. Leaning towards something a little closer to 2010 maybe. I want to keep some money over so I can do some upgrades as well.
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    Unknown golf cart manufacturers?

    Star EV, but I wouldn't say they're necessarily unknown, just not as well known. Another I can think of is American Custom Golf Cars.
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    Looking for trailer that is safe to use on a club car golf cart

    You should be able to get a trailer hitch so you can use trailers. Just make sure the trailer you use is safe and close in size. Nothing too big.
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    2009 Precedent - Strange No-Start Behavior

    Sounds kind of similar to what was happening to my father's golf cart. Don't remember what caused it, but some portion of the motor blew up without us knowing, probably when he let a friend borrow it. We didn't know about the damage until weeks after he got it back. It would start fine for a...
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    Thinking about upgrading to a new EZGO golf cart

    Yeah, I'm still leaning towards one of their older models, but still fairly new. Maybe a 2012 or 2013. If there are newer ones priced cheaper, I may look into those as well.
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    LED Light Bar for EZGO Golf Cart

    So I started a previous topic about getting a new ezgo golf cart, and I am leaning towards something completely new. Anyway, I am also looking for modifications to add once I do have my new cart. I was wondering about LED Light Bars, and whether or not I should install one on the roof, near my...
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    Thinking about upgrading to a new EZGO golf cart

    So my current EZGO golf cart is a 1989 gas stroke and I am getting a bit tired of the problems I have with it. So, I finally want to buy a newer model. What are you guys suggestions on new EZGO golf carts?
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    EZGO Golf Cart Headlights Suggestions

    Found this one here, but the price is really up there...
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    Street legal club car golf carts

    Some may not be street legal. I would ask the person who posted it in Craigslist if it is street legal. If not, you should be able to modify it to be street legal.
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    Club Car Best Radio for Club Car Golf Cart

    This one looks to be within your budget. Looks more appealing than the others in my opinion as well. Plus it's got bluetooth, and these days you can't go without bluetooth. But, if you want to go a bit higher, over your budget, this one...
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    Club Car Enclosure for golf cart

    I knew someone who made their own enclosure out of plywood. Thing didn't look so hot, but he had heat installed and also had installed lights inside. I wish I had a picture of it.
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    Club Car Heated seats for Club Car Precedent

    I'm sure you could modify your seats to have heat. Or, you could always go the route of something like a heated seat cover. Like this:
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    Can I use led lightbulbs in EZGO gas 2 stroke golf cart?

    I was wondering, will led lightbulbs work in a, what I believe to be a 1989 EZGO gas 2 stroke golf cart? I know LED lights drain less battery, so I want to replace every light with an led one.
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    EZ GO LED Lights inside of EZGO Golf Cart

    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to. If you're worried, check with local laws, but I never heard of there being a law or anything where you can't have LED lights inside of your cart. I suppose it can't be too bright and distracting. But that's all I can think of.
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    Polaris Golf Cart good for snow?

    I don't think they make any golf carts for the winter season. Though you could totally modify it for snow. The way it already is may even be fine.
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    Best replacement for dead 12v battery?

    I'd say just get the same one. If it worked fine up until now, it should be fine to replace it with the same type of battery. For cheaper alternatives, have you thought of maybe buying used ones. They should be a lot cheaper, and the used ones should be perfectly fine.
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    Harley Davidson Golf Carts

    Nice choice, I've looked at a few carts by Harley Davidson, but never purchased one myself. I had my eye on a 1967 classic cart by them, and was close to making the purchase before someone else jumped in and got it. :( They have some three-wheeled carts, but I didn't like the way they looked...
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    Engine won't start for EZGO 2 stroke golf cart

    I know someone who may be able to take a look, going to have him check it out this weekend sometime, so hopefully he can give me a definite answer. I think it's something with just the engine, as I was told everything worked fine before and all looks near pristine compared to the engine.