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    LED Light Bar for EZGO Golf Cart

    So I started a previous topic about getting a new ezgo golf cart, and I am leaning towards something completely new. Anyway, I am also looking for modifications to add once I do have my new cart. I was wondering about LED Light Bars, and whether or not I should install one on the roof, near my...
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    Thinking about upgrading to a new EZGO golf cart

    So my current EZGO golf cart is a 1989 gas stroke and I am getting a bit tired of the problems I have with it. So, I finally want to buy a newer model. What are you guys suggestions on new EZGO golf carts?
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    Can I use led lightbulbs in EZGO gas 2 stroke golf cart?

    I was wondering, will led lightbulbs work in a, what I believe to be a 1989 EZGO gas 2 stroke golf cart? I know LED lights drain less battery, so I want to replace every light with an led one.
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    Engine won't start for EZGO 2 stroke golf cart

    I just got this the other day, after buying it off of an old friend of mine. He said he didn't know how to fix it, so sold to me on a good deal. The problem with it is the engine I think. He told me it was working a few years back, but recently it just stopped working, and therefore he decided...